About Boich Companies

Boich Companies is a privately held coal mining and marketing company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with offices in West Virginia and Florida.

Boich Companies was founded in 1963 in the heart of Ohio coal country. For the next three decades, the company maintained mining operations in southeast Ohio.

In the mid 1990s, Boich Companies sold these operations and moved to its present headquarters in Columbus to focus on coal marketing and trading.

In the early 2000s, the company acquired mining operations in West Virginia and Kentucky. The company grew these operations till 2005, at which time they were sold to a private equity group.

Today, Boich Companies maintains a coal marketing and trading operation, moving coal from coal producers to investor owned utilities.
Boich Companies has grown significantly with the acquisition of Signal Peak Energy in July 2008 entering into the international coal markets. Signal Peak has developed into one of the largest underground coal mines in the world.

The Company has also significantly diversified itself over the past several years; most notably through the development of a robust real-estate portfolio with assets throughout the United States and actively managed assets in Florida and Texas. The Company is also an investor in a wide range of businesses from financial services to telecom.